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Size: 60x60cm

Medium: Mixed Media, fabric, acrylic and photography.

This painting is now featured in the Down the Rabbit Hole with Friends Exhibition, 190 Station Road, Yeerongpilly, QLD


"Eye of the Untamed" delves into the captivating allure of the wild through the enigmatic gaze of a dragon. This mixed media artwork beckons viewers into a world where mystery intertwines with power and ancient knowledge. The dragon's eye, a symbol of strength, wisdom, and primal instincts, pierces through the canvas, captivating the observer's imagination.

Through the richly textured layers and intricate details, I seek to capture the essence of wildness that lies within all beings. The painting reflects my deep connection to the untamed forces of nature, reminding me of the untapped potential and limitless possibilities that lie within me. "Eye of the Untamed" invites viewers to embrace their own inner strength and venture fearlessly into the uncharted realms of their existence.


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