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Mixed media and photography.

40cm x 50cm x 4cm

Signed on the back

Now I'm really out of my comfort zone. However, it is fun to participate in different exhibitions because I am forced to think both differently and completely new. This is my contribution to the Art My Word exhibition on Macleay Island which will be held on November 03-08-2023. When I signed up for the exhibition, I was given a book to draw inspiration from and this is the result.

Title: "Sword of Sonnets: The Dark Lady's Undead Justice"


"In 'Sword of Sonnets: The Dark Lady's Undead Justice,' I draw inspiration from the intriguing world of 'Shakespeare Undead' to craft a visual narrative that marries Elizabethan drama with the supernatural. In this monochromatic photopainting, The Dark Lady, enigmatic and poised, emerges as a formidable defender of London against a plague of zombies, clutching the symbols of her authority – a sword of retribution and the scales of justice.

As Shakespeare himself hovers in the shadows, a spectral observer, the canvas captures the essence of a supernatural London teetering on the brink of chaos and artistic creation. In the corner, a writing hand and comedy-tragedy masks hint at the intertwining of literature and the macabre.

This piece invites viewers to explore the convergence of history, drama, and the undead, pondering the enduring power of Shakespeare's words even in the face of the most extraordinary of circumstances.

Sword of Sonnets: The Dark Lady's Undead Justice

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